Posted by: glitterseason | September 27, 2007

a disgusting stomach update


I do feel so guilty as to how self absorbed this is…but I am getting annoyed with myself. I need to stop this. Today I made my stomach bleed. If I just left it alone, it would be fine. But now I have these gross spot like things which are very unattractive.

tummy 2

If anyone uses this as an example of pro-self harm or anything else, I will hunt them down!!! I am AGAINT pro-self injury.



  1. Can u wax your stomach?
    I have no idea, I just assume you can, would that make it any easier?

    I have been really bad on my legs lately too and don’t want to walk with anyone else, just on my own so noone sees. I just want to walk and get it over with and back into pants.

  2. maybe I could wax, been thinking about electroyisis…but I would have to let the hair grow for both and not sure if I could do that!!! Silly eh?

    Have you tried waxing your legs? Ive done mine recently and it hurt sooooooooo much!!!

    this trich thing is so frustrating isnt it?
    thanks for replying, mwah x

  3. I haven’t tried waxing, but I shave a lot. My problem is I don’t like pulling the longer hair, I like when I shave and then the next day on the ‘search’ of the one’s that are already growing back.
    I guess because of that I end up with a lot of red marks because I am doing so much clawing in addition to pulling since they are so small.

    I did buy more self tanning spray today at the store, I used it a lot at the beginning of the summer and for some reason I found that I picked A LOT less. It seemed more frustrating trying to find the particular hairs I wanted to pull, harder to see compared to when I am horribly white.
    We will see how it works, I already put some on tonight, it’s a gel kind. With summer over it’s a lot harder to find any, I couldn’t find the kind I bought before.


  4. you know what? I completely understand about the pulling the shorter hairs!! I seem to pull the short dark ones and leave the longer ones. I really don’t understand why though. There is a certain attraction to pulling out dark stubby hairs…
    Do you feel a sense of relief when you have managed to pull it out? I find I get really wound up if I cant pull a certain hair and I cant relax until I have done it..

  5. Certainly glad I don’t have this problem. God bless having an Igia hair trimmer.

  6. hahahaha!!!

  7. Electrolysis is actually pretty affordable. Average in the US is $60/hour, which is probably all your stomach would need. You don’t need to grow the hair out, it just needs to be above the suface of the skin. Growing it out would sure look better than that, anyway! I just started it on my face, and I wish I did it sooner.

  8. heyy. i was just browsing the web, and i found this..
    i can relate to what your going through because since the age of 13 to about 16, i have cut. it was only ever on my left wrist, and it got so bad that i had to be submitted into an over-night clinic.. and still, that didnt help. i put my parents through hell, and i say sorry to them every day. i havent cut for about 2 years now, but the urge is still there. i just thought i would give you some alternatives that you could do instead, which is what i do.. instead of cutting, when i feel the need to, i write about my feelings, both in blogs and in poems. i can leave you my websites if you would like to take a look at some.. maybe give you some inspiration?
    anyway, another thing i used to do (while i was trying to stop cutting) was scratch myself instead… so maybe, if this sounds like you, you could do what i did at that point -buy a stress ball.. i never squeezed it or anything, i just scratched that instead.. you can get them at a dollarama or something…
    anyway, anything that could help. 🙂
    if you ever need any help in getting over this terrible addiction.. dont hesitate to email me.. 🙂



    good luck!

  9. Hey girls,
    I was just browsing for some self help when it comes to trichotillomania and I stumbled across this. i hear of so many people who like to pull their head hairs but i have never had that urge. what i cant help but pull are my eyebrows. if im working at my computer and i get writters block i start pulling, but i dont even really notice until 5 hairs are on my keyboard and i feel a bald spot. then i get angry at myself and embarassed. i have never told anyone, not even my boyfriend who ive been with for 2 years. yea hes noticed and said something, but i got really defensive and he hasnt brought it up since. even after i wash my face to go to bed i fill the bald spots with liner just in case anyone will see me. i affects my soical life too cuz i cant go to the pool or beach and if i do i have to use the excuse “no, i dont wanna go in cuz i dont wanna get my hair wet.” its sooo annoying and i wish i could just stop but its hard when it feels good.

    anyways if any of you want to email me for support or just to chat that would be great.

    you know, it feels really good to just pour it all out there.

    take care!!

  10. I so know what you mean too, i started doing it when i was around 8 years old and im 17 now, its horrible but at the same time its the most amazing feeling, i do it wiv my eyebrows/hair on head/stomach/pubic hair/eyelashes. I also tend to bite the hair i pull too. I’ve never overcome it, but i found that getting to the source helps to cut down.
    For example i do it when im stressed or bored, especially when im in bed, so i find that reading helps.
    therapy may help, i wouldnt know!

  11. Omg I thought I was alone with this.
    I do the same thing but on my pubic hairs.
    And I too go for dark stubby hairs, and get really frustrated when I can’t pull one.
    My area has the same marks as your stomach.

  12. I have this problem! Its ruining my life, seriously. Its with my stomach, mine looks like you picture. Its started about 2 years ago. I was embarrassed of the dark noticeable hairs on my stomach, so one day i got the tweezers and pulled and pulled until i was bleeding. It happens all the time and now im left with gross scars. I cant let my boyfriend of a year see me naked, i cant year bikinis which id love to do. What do i do? Can surgeons do anything? I need my stomach back! Please help 😦

  13. Wow. I just randomly clicked on a link in google.

    Anyway, yeah. My stomach looks a lot like that, too. I wish I had something to tell you, some comfort to give or anything. But it looks like we’re in the same struggle. I’ve been doing this for years. Like, as far back as I can remember.. I can only assume you’re the same. I just.. I don’t know. I’ve kinda “accepted” this as an aspect of myself. I have it “under control.” I actually have both of my eyebrows now!

    Alright, I know I’m rambling. I really hope you find some relief. Really. This battle sucks. They say even therapy may or may not work. I really wish they would figure out wtf causes trich.

    But, good luck to you.
    And thank you, also. You make me feel.. Less alone.

  14. Hey everyone –

    I am a medical student and in my psychiatry rotation (which I’m in right now) we have many patients with Trichotillomania (i.e. an irresistable urge to pull out one’s hair). I was just doing a little research about it and stumbled across this website.

    Believe it or not, there are many people with this problem. In addition, psychiatrists deal with this sort of thing ALL OF THE TIME (as well as other, much worse and more embarassing things).

    I highly recommend that those of you with this problem go to see a psychiatrist. They really can help you!!! The other day I was talking to a patient who used to have this problem – she used to pull hair out from all over her body and would bleed and scar and couldn’t leave the house. Since beginning to see a psychiatrist, her live has been completely changed!

    Seriously, seek help; it will change your life!

  15. Hi everyone –

    My whole life I have been doing something like this. At first when I had horrible acne I would pick at that then I would pick the split ends of my hair for hours before I went to bed. I had never even touched my eyebrows but my senior year of highschool I plucked them all out. One of my friends suggested that the next time I had the urge, I pick at the hair on my legs and well, the rest is history…. I am the same with the short stubbly ones and my legs are so bad that I have to wear pants and long dresses and I can’t go to the beach or anything like that.

    Anyways, my main reason for writing this is that I have found that one thing really helps… making jewelry. I have made this my career and anytime I have the urge to pluck I make jewelry instead. Perhaps it will help some of you.

    I am also going to see a hypnotherapist. I am finally so aware of this problem and I know I need to stop but I can’t by myself so this hypnotist has been very helpful. Perhaps it will help some of you.

    Goodluck everyone!

  16. I started doing this 10 years ago. I started when I was studying for a history exam and i was picking my right eyebrow hair. It left a centemeter gab near the center. It progressed to the left side of my head behind my ear. I stopped after I got the barber in trouble with mye mom, because she thought he did that to me when he was cutting my hair. it resurfaced years later, but this time it was on my hair line and I would do it till a bald spot formed which i let grow, then i would move to another area. over and over. now i have a 2 inch circumfrance blad spot on my left side of my head. Im scared to death it might never grow out. I would very much like to grow my hair out shoulder length and that was always a motivation. one that i always fail. Im a 24 earold male, and I know its more comon with women, but it still sucks for men as well. especially those who dont expect to lose thier hair. I think more men should be open about this issue. good luck all in overcoming this.

  17. Hi Guys

    Just wanted to drop in and say hi. have had trich for the last 21 years – and now finally after what seems like my 100th nervous breakdown, every new age therapy under the sun, almost every kind of anti depressant, copious amounts of cannabis, and a hell of a lot of self-torment I finally seem to have got a grip on it (enjoy the pun, I do!). I’m not writing this to brag – I just want to let you know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Stick with it, keep searching for ‘your’ cure because it is out there.
    Love to all


  18. I also go for the short, thick, dark hairs…
    basically anywhere but my head thank god.
    The only time I pull from my head is when I have a bunch of broken hairs standing up right on top of my head haha (they break because of my straightener) so that’s not bad, I never get a bald spot because I just get the few that are standing straight up.

    The only thing I’ve never heard of anyone doing would be my arm-pits…am I crazy or what?
    It’s just like doing your pubic region really..
    I haven’t done it in a long time for more than one or two hairs and even then, it’s right after I’ve shaved and I notice that there’s an ingrown one or it’s poking out just a bit and I can see it under my skin…I hate that. and that is what makes me do my pubic region-when I see any just barely coming through or I have ingrown ones-they don’t even have to be a bump, actually, they rarely are, they’re just flat and right under the first layer of skin it seems and I will clean a safety pin or needle and pick until I can pull it out…and everytime I do I feel disappointed…? It’s never ‘the right one’..they’re always thin long ones with no follicle….I feel so disgusting when I do this.

    I remember when I first started and I’d pull my lashes and the bulb would always be white and it would hurt but of course I would still feel relieved…now the bulb is always black and they feel the same when they come out but they seem to just slide out now rather than king of…pop(?) out…it’s so strange. I feel like such a weirdo saying all of this, but it seriously is such a relief to actually ‘say’ it to someone.

  19. I am a student mental health nurse and find this subject very interesting. I had a few friends at school who self harmed but never really understood it. Recently I have been lucky to undertake a few session regarding self injury and there are some important points made.

    Firstly self injury is never the problem but always a solution. The problem can be anything that affects you emotionally. It is not realistic to use this as a coping method, the longer you do it for the harder it will be to stop so it is a good idea to get help for it. You shouldn’t feel that your problem is too small or unimportant, seek help and be happy. I hope all of you get to a place in your life where you don’t need to self injure.

  20. I do this too. The stomach thing. I never thought of it as self injury tho. I pick at my fingers untill they are all red and bleedy too, and again i never thought of it as trying to hurt myself.

  21. yeah i do this too and pick on scabs too and on my nails and fingers, and don’t think of it is SI when it really is. and then once in a while i just break down and do it full out and afterwards nurse myself and everything seems a lot better. by the way, i am like 36 and still do this. it’s not a youth thing. it’s just a coping with life thing…

  22. I pulled out my own hair too, once. Scalp hair, mainly (it barely showed…I was so addicted to it that I learned to vary the spots from which I pulled), but stomach hair, leg hair, even pubic hair(which HURTS, and since you’re already in that area, avoid it.)
    I still have the urge, but I stopped myself. Mostly. I doubt I’ll even stop ripping my hair out completely; it’s pretty deep-seeded in my brain. But I stopped it from becoming a major problem by discipline. A LOT. Gradually.
    Like, I would allow myself to pull out only three or so scalp hairs a day. Very slowly, I narrowed this and narrowed this, and now I only fine myself pulling sometimes. Usually, I stop before I get more than one or two out.
    I pulled, and pull, because of stress. Another thing you should do is try to find out what is bothering you most, and find an outlet for it.
    If you’ve GOTTA pick at something [I still pick at my face and arms], try Five Gum wrappers. that sounds odd, but the coloring comes right off the foil. It works for me.
    I hope I was some kind of help.

  23. Hi there,
    I just stumbled across this page and I can’t believe that there are people who do this too. I think mine is a bit different though becaause the only hair I pull out is my stomach hair. It’s because I can’t stand the way it looks when it has those dark ugly hairs growing. I’ve tried to make myself stop but I can’t seem to let go of the urge to do it. My stomach isn’t as bad as the one in the picture, the red marks are lighter..but still it doesn’t look the best. I’m not sure what to do….I wish there was some cream or something that could help make the red marks go away. Are these marks scars, or can they fade with time??

  24. OMG – I can so relate to all of this. Right now my tummy looks just like the one in the picture. I’ve only just got to grips with knowing that this is part of trichotillomania. I have been doing this for well over a couple of years now. For me, it’s all about control. When I feel out of control I start to obsess about my body image. My eyebrows were a point of attack at the beginning of the year and unfortunately, still haven’t grown back fully. The stomach hair I have been attacking for 2 years or more. I do wax my stomach but keep getting ingrown hairs. If I leave it alone, eventually the hairs do come through. I guess I need to leave well alone once they have grown through and perhaps just trim.

    I’m so glad I stumbled on this post and to know that I’m not some kind of freak and that others go through this hell also.

  25. Hi everyone 🙂

    I also stumbled across this on google! I was looking for some sort of treatment for ingrown hair and scabs on the stomach..
    I seem to have the same problem as many of you on here, a horrible obsession with removing hair from my stomach. It started with tweezing the odd one or two out, but the hair then multiplied and grew back much thicker and darker.

    I am now left with a light-ish brown area of skin under my belly button, which spans almost down to my pubic hair, and many ingrown hairs and scabs.
    I stared electrolysis a couple of months ago and have had three treatments, i believe the scabs have been a result of this..

    It is so ugly and i am so so self consious as a result. I feel like it is a never ending cycle of hair and then scabs..
    I want to be able to wear a bikini and although I do not have a boyfriend atm, i want to be able to feel confident enough to let a guy look or touch my stomach.

    Sorry i’ve rambled, but if anyone else has had the same problem and knows of a treatment or a cure to these unsightly marks, please help!!

    Thank you x

  26. Please help!! Does anyone know how to get help for this?! I’ve got an appointment with the doctor tonight but I’m really scared and embarrassed about it all. I can’t even bare to look at my stomach it’s disgusting. My boyfriend knows about it but I think he is getting annoyed because I do not let him touch my tummy and I keep getting upset about it. I haven’t worn a bikini in years.

    I use to self harm, but I thought I ws over it. I didn’t know that what I was doing to my stomach was self-harm. I just wanted the hairs to go away.

    Any advice would be great! Anybody know of any treatments?


  27. “Hi Guys

    Just wanted to drop in and say hi. have had trich for the last 21 years – and now finally after what seems like my 100th nervous breakdown, every new age therapy under the sun, almost every kind of anti depressant, copious amounts of cannabis, and a hell of a lot of self-torment I finally seem to have got a grip on it (enjoy the pun, I do!). I’m not writing this to brag – I just want to let you know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Stick with it, keep searching for ‘your’ cure because it is out there.
    Love to all


    Particularly love the above response from ‘Jo’, made me feel so fantastic. Not only do we have the same name, but we seem to have the same persona 😛
    To be honest, my trich is the least of my problems.. my eating issues, drug issues and self harm are much more prominent focus in my psychatric recovery so far.
    However, I do obsessively pluck my stomach; leaving mine much more scarred and ugly than anything I’ve ever seen. It’s the thing I’m most ashamed about, and I struggle to leave my eyebrows and legs alone, too.
    It feels so liberating to know that this is a somewhat common issue, and I will hopefully be looking into electrolysis when I have the confidence.. 🙂

    Love to you all! x

  28. Ive pulled at my eyelashes since i can remember, pull at split ends, pull at my hair, and of course, just as everyone else on this post, pluck the hair on my stomach. it doesnt ever bleed, but theres red spots trickling down to my pubic area.. and looks so gross and ugly. I love my stomach because its flat, but i am so embarassed to show it because of the redness, ingrown hairs, and small black hairs. i have tried so many things, because the only reason i pluck at it is to simply get rid of the hair.
    I have tried bleaching, that helped a bit with the redness because i stopped myself from plucking while i did that, but it still looked bad. I tried the creams that removed the hair, and that caused ingrown hair. Havnt tried waxing because ive had bad luck with that in other places, and shaving also causes ingrown hairs. i just have no idea what to do and how to get my stomach pretty again

  29. I was just looking for a way to get rid of the scars on my stomach and get back to normal so I can wear a bikini again, when I stumbled across this on google. It is frightening to hear that i can be a form of self-harm, especially since I just got over an eating disorder a year ago. I think it may be a bit harsh to call this trich, but I can see how it goes along with the same obsessions as ed’s, which frightens me a little.
    After my therapy for an ed(bulimia), and I still take anti-depressants although I don’t think they do anything for me but make me think I can handle my problem, I’d say, don’t give in to about plucking your hairs, and try to find another way to deal with them that doesn’t involve self-injury. This is what I’m going to try: bleaching them, It will be hard to let them grow out, but I have to so I stop getting red marks, and then I’ll try bleaching them. I read this advice off another webpage, so be careful. Use hair bleach. x

    • thank you for your reply, pleased to hear you are in recovery.
      I am a lot better now in regards to pulling out stomach hair, I don’t ‘dig’ them out anymore so no more disgusting scabs etc etc!

      stay strong, x

      • how did you stop??? are the scars still there?

      • no scars…I am not sure how I stopped, just gradually didnt need to ‘dig’ as deep as I used to!

  30. Wow, im so glad im not alone….these scars are embarrassing and they do make you feel ugly and not sexy, they do. I didnt know i wasnt theonly girl that did this. And in a way im glad, becuz i didnt know it was harmful. But it is becuz my stomach is unnattractive, so now im just going to stop plucking so harshly and let my stomach heal. Girls out there try ”Ambi fade cream” at walmart or target”. It works if u dont pluck the hairs that arent redy to be plucked. My stomach scars were fading, becuz of the cream but i wud get anxious with the ingrown hairs. If you kno that you’ll have to dig to get it….DONT PLUCK THE HAIR! And make sure u exfoliate everyday(but not to harsh)! And use fade cream as it says! Youre all beautiful and itll be ok. I Promise and thank you.

  31. Oh wow.. I didn’t realize this is considered trichotillomania… I pull out hairs all over my entire body, not my head though but sometimes my eyebrows… anyway… I sometimes get rashes like this, especially on my neck. I am a bit of a hairier girl, being Italian, but I know I am not “excessively bad”. I try to think of hair as natural and not be shallow, but I can’t help obsessing when my anxiety gets bad…

    Thanks for sharing… When I get a doctor, I might talk to him/her about it.. I realize that I have a problem now… But I feel less alone.

  32. I didn’t despise this was considered trich. I just always found the hair on my stomach gross so I shaved it one day years ago. It hasn’t been the same since. I left it alone and it grew back and was ok but now I have dark marks. Its even more unsightly than the hair that was originally there. Summercame and went and I didn’t go to the beach so I wouldn’t hv to show my gross stomach. I stopped plucking them. But how do I make the dark spots go away

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