Posted by: glitterseason | October 24, 2011

Another day pull free!

Yep! Seriously; I haven’t pulled at all today too. I was at work too and I usually do it at work when I am stressed or at the computer, or both! Yesterday I accidently pulled one hair! So for four days I have only pulled two hairs! I am slightly shocked as I have only had three sessions now and only talked about trich for one and half sessions. Some kind of conciousness has awoken in me and I seem more aware of myself when I am about to pull and can stop it.

I have started to wonder if my therapist has pulled…purely because she seems to know a lot about trich. She asked if I bite the root, eat it etc. She also knew about searching for a particular type of hair.  More importantly she used trich language, ie talking about being ‘pull free’. She could have just done her research well but I am not so sure…but what ever, it doesn’t matter because CBT is really helping.

I looked up the service I am being treated at and found out it costs the NHS £139 per session. I  am honestly so shocked and part of me wonders if I am worth it, if I am taking up a space which someone who is iller then me could use. I guess that is just my anxiety speaking.


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