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  1. well i get wat ur goin thru i cut and so does my freind brandi but shes worst off than i am but she want stop she cuts like 5 tims a day and thats on a good day its crazy how these things u thought ud never do can take ove rur life espcialy wen ur still hiding it from ur parents

  2. hi, its weired to see someone go thro excat ssame stuff as me.. i have had trichotillmania for a few years and its now getting unbearable =(

  3. Hi there – just stumbled on your site basically by accident while looking up PCOS stuff and wanted to compliment you on the blog. I have had trich for at least 10 years, probably more, just can’t remember. Hope you’re doing well. Keep writing.

  4. thank you very much rainbocarnage xxx

  5. I have been pulling out my hair by the roots one hair at a time since the age of about 10. I am now 56 and will break the habit through the strength of the Lord Jesus Christ. He has healed me of cancer and given me the strength and will power to change to a Holistic life path and He will give me the will power necessary to heal me of this as well. <

  6. hey i have just relised ive got trichotillomania im only i4 but i have not got a big bold patch but its so obsessve can you maybe give some tips on how i can stop?. x

  7. oh this is exactly how i feel as well. it’s like an urge and i cant stop i always wear my hair up and people are always like why dont you ever wear it down. i simply say. ” because i dont feel like it” i dont get in the pool with people or else my bald scalp will show. i just wish there was a cure.

  8. I’ve been a Trickster for about 13 years and never knew that others had the same thing. I’ve dealt with depression and being suicidal..the whole nine yards. It’s refreshing to know I am not the only one that pulls. I actually pull my lashes out and they are pretty much bare. It is so frustrating and embarrassing….anyway GREAT blog I will definitely keep following; thanks for telling your story!

  9. Thank you so much for having the courage that you and creating this! You have made me feel so much better, i hated feeling like the “only one”

    ❤ keep it up, Im definatly going to follow your blogs!

  10. omg i watched a tv program the other nite n i thort nothing ov me pulling my hair out b4 but they sed in there it was an illness ive been doing it 4 bout 4 years my haire is gone thin 😦 x

  11. Hey, Do you mind if I share my blog site’s link? I think/hope it may be helpful for some. Thanks!

  12. i am currently in and out of hospitals suffering from eating disorders, ocd and depression. i’m glad to know more people had no eyelashes at some time of their lives..
    stay strong and email me if you like!
    x amazing blog

  13. Hello. I’m pretty sure I have Trich but i’ve never been diganosed. I pull my hair out all the time. It’s a terible feeling. I’ve really only been doing it for a couple of months but over time it has gotten worse. i’ve found areas in my hair that should be thick and theres barely any hair there. I have natural red hair so it really has been making me feel upset of what i’ve done. any tips?

  14. I emailed you at and have not yet recieved a reply. Please reply to my email or respond on here

    • hiya sorry, I havent looked at my email account for a long time. xx

  15. Hi. Just so you know, I sent you in an email. Thanks so much(:

  16. Hi!
    I am new to all this, I have been pulling since I was about 10. I don’t remember what exactly urged me to start but I am now 24, and I still have alot of hair but I worry about passing on such a habbit to my future children. I pull anywhere from 10 – 20 times a day, depends on how busy I am and I find when I’m borred I’m more likely to pull. Does anyone have any advice on how to cut down or quit? I think having a blog like this is a really amazing idea!

  17. I have been suffering with this for nearly 10 years. I went on meds and it just made me crazy but also not care at all about anyone or anything but I stopped pulling my hair out. Off the meds I went so I could live a ‘normal’ life which includes pulling myhair out on a daily basis. I so wish I could stop…I’m glad that there are other people out there who are going through the same thing as I am though. Makes me feel like a less of a freak. :o(

  18. Hi there
    I posted a comment under the name of Alice in the year 2007, and for some reason I was stupid enough to put my full name. Can the owner of this blog please delete my comment?

    • Can you link me to the comment?

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