Posted by: glitterseason | September 15, 2007

one single hair

Today whilst waiting for the bus, I noticed I had this one hair growing out my stomach. A short black one poking through the scab on my stomach. Sounds disgusting, I know. But I am so obsessive that even if I notice an ingrowing one, I have to dig it out and this makes the scab. This time I didn’t manage to get it out and somehow it poked through. I drove me insane throughout the day, so I am thinking now that I will have to carry tweezers everywhere.

When I can home, I rushed to my tweezers, pulled the single hair out and felt relief wash over me.

My stomach is so scarred beneith my belly button because of this.




  1. I love(or should I say “have to”) pull hair out of a scab or scar or mosquito bite, anything like that. Sometimes it really hurts but I’d rather feel that than the other crap I’m feeling.

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