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I know a lot of people with trich bite the root off. I do and it’s a lot of the motivation to find the ‘right’ root that means I keep pulling. I love to find a ‘big’ root and to bite it lightly in the middle and then remove it with my teeth. Obviously I then eat the root.  I feel terribly ashamed of this and am always worried someone will catch me. They never have (or just never said anything). I can’t even bring myself to tell my doctor that I do this common behaviour. It’s a habit which is far too embarrassing to ever discuss but that makes me wonder about recovery. I am still on a waiting list for CBT (it has now been 6 months since my assessment and over 2 years since my referral). CBT works when you are honest. I know I am going to have to discuss this embarrassing habit with someone who may not have ever treated someone with trich. The thought fills me with horror!

Has anyone ever done this?



  1. You’re not alone. I do the exact same thing. It’s become much worse over the past year, but I’ve done it for years. I think the increase in severity over the past year was due to stress but it has now grown into something I do while bored.

  2. I know exactly what you’re going through because I do the same as well. Ive been pulling since I was 11 and im now 24. Ive tried sleeping pills and went to counseling, which hasnt done much for me, but ive found that removing as much stress out of your life helps dramatically. Id find the urge to pull more when im upset about something, or stressed out about common things. I was glad to know that I wasnt the only one who did this and that I wasnt crazy! Other simple tricks that helped me we’re keeping my hair done or my nails done, made it difficult to pull so I just wouldnt do it. Also reading other stories and speaking to others with the same problem somehow helped as wel, I hope this helped a little, Ibe been pull-free for 8 months and have no more bald patches! Im excited to have my hair back in the next year or so, good luck!

  3. I do the same thing. I have never been to a doctor about it yet, I am too embarrassed. People make jokes when they see my bald spot that I am tapping out, if only they knew..

  4. I’m so glad I came across your blog. I haven’t been diagnosed with trich, but I’ve noticed for a while now that I have had a problem with pulling my hair out, and have ignored it. I’ve done it since I was probably around 8/9 but it’s getting ridiculous now especially now that I’m stressed.

    I haven’t been to my G.P. yet as she’s on maternity leave and I don’t want to see another g.p. because they generally tend to make me feel worse after I’ve left (like I’ve wasted their time) after more serious visits, let alone me visiting them because I think I suffer from trich.

    I don’t bite the root, but I do pull it off. It’s one of my favourite parts, and if I pull a hair that breaks before the follicle comes out, best believe I’ll keep pulling until I get a hair with the follicle.

  5. I’ve started CBT but unfortunately had to return to school and couldn’t finish (I plan to go back in February when I graduate). I was fortunate enough to live in an area near a specialist who treats many trich patients. He was extremely understanding and from the few sessions I did have, my awareness of my pulling increased a LOT. Even now, several months later, I find myself able to “just stop” more often than before.

    I understand your fear though–I’ve seen specialists who at the time had never even HEARD of trich. One woman even told me “You’re just pulling because it’s a bad habit. So just stop.” (WOW you’re a GENIUS. Why didn’t I think of that??!)

    All in all, CBT was great, and I’m excited to go back. Have to tried to find a nearby specialist specifically focused on trich? The Trichotillomania Learning Center website is where I found mine (turns out he was only 5 minutes from my home!)

    Also interesting are the latest studies on NAC, an amino acid supplement available in vitamin stores, that is suddenly popping up everywhere as a viable treatment for trich. I’ve been on it periodically and while I never stick to it (I’m forgetful), it always seems to work pretty well. Maybe try that out in conjunction with your therapy?

    Also, I eat my roots too. I’m pretty sure almost all of us do, actually. I sometimes even eat the entire hair if it’s small enough (like an eyelash). My dentist actually asked me–in a very polite way–because she could see the way my enamel was eroding near my two front teeth’s edges. I also found out recently that a lot of my stomach problems come from eating the hair. Talk about scary! But even then, I find myself eating the roots and swallowing hairs now and then.

    Best of luck to you in therapy and your fight to stop pulling!

  6. yes, I do. I have done it off and on since I can remember and I have yet to ask for help. I am getting help with my depression but I haven’t talked about the hair pulling and the fact that I eat the root and That I pull until I have bald spots. Its hard to understand!, but please don’t feel alone and I know you are waiting to speak to someone but just no that is a great step you have taken and that you are going to be just fine. Please don’t give up

  7. wow i can’t believe that so many people do this besides me…i;ve been pulling my hair out since i was 12 and i’m 45 now. i have gotten so good i know where they are in my head..i am african american female and our hair is course so i can really find some huge roots. i like to pull them from the sorest part of my scalp usually that’s where my hair has been pulled tightly for a period of time and begun to get sore. i love when i pull it out and that big white root is there i like to run it across my bottom lip to see how cold it is and then i slide it off with my teeth lol. i know it sounds gross and crazy but crazy i’m not just got a fetish i guess i even daydream about getting a big root. the only thing that has really ever helped was getting long nails so that i couldn’t grab the hair but after awhile i mastered that too. i wear alot of weave because my natural hair is so uneven where i’ve been pullin for years. maybe one day i’ll stop don’t think so tho i’ve been sayin that for yaers too…….!

  8. They said I have the rarest case of trich i pull every second of every day pulling to find a root

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