Posted by: glitterseason | July 3, 2011


Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted here. This is going to be a short one for now.

I have had my assessment for CBT and am now on the waiting list; so far it’s been 4 months and two years have passed since my referral date!

BUT in good news, I am really well at the moment. I haven’t ever felt this well! I have energy, the world is beautiful again, I haven’t self harmed in 8 months and it has been really EASY. I feel so lucky that my mood has just lifted and I don’t feel depressed. Life is so much easier without depression, food tastes better, people are enjoyable to be around, hobbies are possible, sleeping is easier, work is easier…everything is so amazing.

Hair pulling-wise; I am still doing it. It is the one thing which does not correlate to my mood. I still do it if I am happy, sad, anxious, depressed etc etc. But we shall see how I can recover….



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