Posted by: glitterseason | November 8, 2010

trich in the news today!

So Trich was in the news today! Guess what? The NHS should be offering us more support! And yes; doctors saying ‘just stop’ doesn’t work!

Thank goodness people are wising up. It’s a shame it focuses on those who have hair loss, not every person with trich has noticeable hair loss. I used to but now my hair is just thin. (and I have 1/2 an eyebrow missing!!!)

More info here:


Also interestingly, on the BBC programme ‘Freak Like Me’ that was on tonight, there was a story about a man who has an obsession with plucking his pubic hair and sometimes his chest hair. It was shown and something a bit weird and funny, but he was talking about how much relief he gets from pulling; which is the same as I think most people with Trich feel like. I am sure it will be up on iplayer soon!




  1. Its good it was in the news, though every time they mentioned it it made me feel uncomfortable. I didn’t like the way they said it happens because of stress and depression – I do it at other times when I’m happy too – and yeah you’re right we don’t all have noticeable hair loss. I used to but now my hair is just thin too. But I shouldn’t complain, it’s great it was in the news.

  2. Yes I understand what you mean- i do it when I’m bored, and them attributing it to stress or whatever makes it seem as though I’m unable to cope with stress or something, but it’s not that really. I appreciate this site by the way, I’m rly glad there’s a name to this symptom and that I’m not alone. Thanks 🙂

  3. ive been pulling my hair out since i was 12.. im 41 now.. i only use to pull my hair out on my head… but as i got older i pull my pubic hairs out to … i love eating the white moist roots that come from my head.. they are so good.. my skalp has alot of stimmulants in it.. so i really enjoy pulling alot out at one time.. which gives me alot or the moist roots i die for… im so bald its a sham… but i cannot stop… this is a terriable dissorder that we have. and i must say one weird one…

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