Posted by: glitterseason | June 6, 2010


I think I am living a lie.
I need to be honest with myself and then I will be happy.

I think I am gay. I am with a man who I really really like. We have amazing sex, he is lovely to me and our relationship is good. But something is missing. I am in love with a girl. I think she likes me. What do I do?

I am an ‘out’ bisexual. Have been for years. What if I really am gay?

Oh god I love her. We are close friends, we always tell each other we love each other. She is a bit older than me, a bit of a hippy and not in the country much…She has been away for a few months and is back in the country, sent me a text saying she had an affair with a married man, but has given up men. Asking me if I am into girls again? Oh my, what do I do?

I am in love with her. But what if she just regards me as a friend?


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