Posted by: glitterseason | May 9, 2010

CMHT referral.

how did it get to May?!

First off, thank you everyone for commenting, I feel so touched and its really helped me to read all your stories!


I was really ill recently, physically and had to go to the doctors. You see, last year when I was a bit crazy, I was referred to a Community Mental Health Team (CMHT). This was in August and they referred me to a team within the NHS Trust that I work in, so to maintain confidentiality, they referred me to another London NHS Trust. This process took two and half months and by the time they had decided to do this, it was October. Then I heard nothing. So when I was ill in March, I asked the doctor. She said it was odd and re-referred me. It was only then that I saw the referral letter. So I asked to read it and she let me.

Well…it started with ‘Glitterseason is a difficult patient’. I feel quite angry by that. As I work in mental health, I know what ‘difficult’ means; Personality Disorder. I know I am probably reading into it too much, but writing that a patient is ‘difficult’ is making a big statement which will put ideas into the CMHTs mind. I don’t think I am difficult, I turn up to appointments on time. I always do the homework in therapy sessions and actually I am pretty straight forward. In fact 99% of people don’t know about my mental health problems. People always describe me as ‘mature’ , ‘sensible’ , ‘strong’ , ‘together’ and ‘confident’. I actually think the only reason the old doctor wrote that I was difficult was because I find it difficult to trust people and open up about things. I would rather listen then talk. Argh!

The other thing in the letter was ‘Glitterseason has a history of Trichotillomania’. I was shocked that it was a formal medical diagnosis. It was a while ago I actually told a doctor (who was understanding but useless).

So she sent the referral again and I have still heard NOTHING. It has now been 10 months… annoys be because I need some kind of psychological therapy and by the time I have seen a psychiatrist and been on a waiting list for therapy, 2 years probably would have passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This makes me feel so angry because I just want to start sorting things out and live my life fully.

It’s lucky that I am brave enough to ask for help as I know many people would be too scared. After plucking up the courage to speak about your problems, the last thing you want is not to be listened to/ignored. It only makes me think I am not important and worthless.

Lucky I believe in fate and that things happen for a reason.




  1. You are certainly NOT unimportant, OR worthless. The NHS can be good, but unfortunately there is a possibility for everyone to slip through its cracks.

    Hope this helps, just realised you posted this yesterday.

    Anyway, this is the first time I’ve posted here, so I hope I haven’t said too much! I’ve just been munching away on my eyebrows, and decided to do a bit more research on Trich, only figured out I had it about a month or so ago, never realized it was a ‘mania’ before, but I’ve been concentrating mostly on my eyebrows and eyelashes since about…10/11. Occasionally I pull out hairs on my head, but I only pull the shorter ones, and (woah this is embarrassing) only for the ‘tasty bits’ the LONG follical endy bits with the skin(?) on them for chewing on.
    I think, (even though you’ve had problems with gaining support and doctor sessions) I’m going to try and talk to my doctor about it when I get home this summer. You’ve inspired me to do this, and I really hope that you’re able to get help from the NHS.

    Thanks again,

    • Thank you for your reply. I do the exact same thing, biting roots. Yes go and get help, I’m really touched that I inspired you to do so, it is really important for recovery

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