Posted by: glitterseason | July 13, 2009


I am so sorry I have not updated this for a while. I am quite obviously rubbish!

Yes I still pull..a lot…and bite the root. I have found I do this wayyyyy more often when I am hungry. Does anyone else do this?


I have been feeling pretty stressed recently, mainly due to work. So I decided to use the counselling service they provide…they are offering me 6 sessions for free. I am very grateful for this but kinda wish it was more of an on going support type thing. Well can’t look a gift horse in the mouth. I had the first appointment today. Was strange talking about MY problems with mental health. The counsellor did one of the depression and anxiety scales with me to see if I am depressed. I didn’t think I was, because, well, I am not feeling ‘ill’ and ‘suicidal’ like I used to. However she said to me my ‘score’ was within the depression band. She suggested thinking about medication again, to prevent illness. I know she is right, things have been going down hill over the past couple of months. But I really don’t like everything it represent. I do not want to be ill. I do not want to be a patient. I want to be the therapist. Not the crazy one. Funny that I said I wanted on going help. This ambivalence is killing me. I want help but I don’t. Want to be gay or straight not bi. I want to live with people but I don’t. I want to change jobs but I don’t.


Also, my period has been unable to make up it’s mind. I have not had one since December…and its been trying to start for about a month or more.




  1. I am 13 years old and have had trich scine i was 7.I also pull out my hair when i’m hungery or bored, and bite the root. When i was 8 i pulled so much that my famliy had to by me a wig to hide it, but that only made it worse in school. My hair eventually grew back but i’ve noticed that ive been pulling more than usual now that im going into highschool. ive been searching for a cure to break this habit but havent found any. yes, ive been to thearpy and stuff but it doesnt help. ive even resorted to pulling out my uncle facial hair in order to lessen my urges. can any one help me?

  2. I just stumbled across you though a tag search on trich. I just wanted to say I understand your battle with your sexuality. As someone else who is bisexual, I too went through the same issues. I once tried to broach them with my counsellor, but I failed miserably. Since then it just bubbles up now and again, but I have reached an acceptance. I am sure you will do too.

  3. I eat the root after I pull it out aswell. I have for as long as I can remember. I am 35 . I have never seeked help . I also never heard of any body else with this problem. Ya the when I’m hungry bit too. But I’m having digestion problems lately and wonder if I might have a hair ball? I always chew it up real good but who knows what happens to it inside me. Anyway thanks for the shout out to us specialized crazy peeps. Got cut this short typing with a Wii sucks. Your never going stop but try to everytime you catch yourself. Something that worked for me when I was young . I had little reminders in code so I knew what it ment. Scribles that said no . The scribles ment hair or what ever so you know what it means.Just enough to keep it on your conscious mind a out of your subconscious. I had them everywhere . Anyway happy hunting:)

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