Posted by: glitterseason | December 15, 2008

doctors and hypnotherapy

I went to the doctors a couple of days ago.

It took a while to talk about the fact I pull out my hair. The doctor was very sweet and reassured me that I wasn’t going mad. I asked about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) but she said it wasn’t good for habits like mine. I disagree with this. I really think CBT could help me break down the thoughts, behaviours and feelings. Especially as I have never talked about this with someone.

The doctor however suggested Yoga and Hypnotherapy. Has anyone else out there had Hypnotherapy for trichotillomania? Has it worked? Are you a hypnotherapist who has treated people with trich? I would be really interested to hear.

I can’t afford to see a hypnotherapist at the moment, so I guess it will be back to my relaxation techniques, which do relax me but the problem is still there.


Other stuff:

I have been feeling pretty depressed recently. Feeling angry and irritable for no real reason….I can kinda ‘correct’ my mood but really…I still feel it and partly I find comfort and safety in depression. I feel so lonely and distant from people at the moment. At work I am stressed but find that working in mental health is rewarding. Yes…I work in mental health. Lots of ‘service users’ work in mental health which I think is great.
Anyway, I just feel so low. It doesn’t help that I have my period at the moment and it’s really heavy and painful.




  1. I haven’t had hypnotherapy, but I do practice Yoga and think that would be very helpful to you also meditation. It took me a while to get into meditation because I had all kinds of “evil, ruminating” thoughts. Once you are able to meditate it is so peaceful. Using affirmations like I refuse to pull, I no longer pull my hair, I am free from the need to pull. All of that has helped me in someway or another. I find that taking the focus off the act and putting it into why I am pulling and positive methods helps as well.

  2. CBT is the treatment of choice for trichotillomania. It is the preferred treatment as decided by APA.
    I hope you find some CBT help
    a psychologist

  3. You know, I’ve heard a little about trichotillomania, but never really became enlightened until I came across this blog. I sincerely hope that you will continue to post so that we can all learn something about this disorder as well as the types of treatment options that are available…

  4. Great to find you here. Just started a blog as a form of therapy, thanks for your honesty here. I’ll be around!

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