Posted by: glitterseason | November 9, 2008


well I don’t seem to write as much as I would like to. I haven’t really done much since my last entry. I am still trying to cope with recent ‘events’ and the fact I have a brand new job. I have felt so so SO tired recently. Getting out of bed is getting more difficult and I have generally felt more and more low and anxious. Well starting a new job is anxiety provoking for anyone really, but with recent events, it has felt way more stressful.

I have started going into ‘trances’. This is where I am just sat stuck, pulling out hair after hair after hair, biting off every root. Its worse when I am at my computer. I feel so out of control. Even when writing this I am pulling. My hair is so thin. Today I have tried so hard not to pull. When I find myself doing it, I hit my hand and swear at myself. It feels like my hand has its own mind and just automatically goes back to my head to pull out my hair!!! Then I find myself doing it again! Why? I really do not know. I am even doing this at work, in important meetings…sitting on my hands to try and stop, but I still find myself doing it in front of people and at my desk. I walk past the doctors surgery every day…I really think I might go in tomorrow and book myself an appointment. I really need help with this, I am in way over my head.

Anyone else go into trances?


Trichotillomania was mentioned on the UK show Embarrassing Illnesses last week! I was so happy to see real people getting treatment….

Here is the site:




  1. I’ve been a puller for 11 years or so. Eyelashes and eyebrows mainly. I find myself in trances when I use my laptop too but unfortunately my work is solely based around using a computer so I have a lot of difficulty trying to stop. When I realise I’m doing it, I usually sit on my hand or put it in the pocket of my hoody or on my belly to make me stop and make myself aware of it. I’ve picked out only 10 hairs today from doing this rather than the million I’d pick out any other day. I’m determined to lower my pull count and have been doing lots of research on trich over the past few days. Awareness seems to be the key.

    Don’t let the stress and anxiety get to you. It’s even worse when you have trich to deal with as well. Talk to someone about the events of the past few weeks and ease some of your worries.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about what has been going on for you recently. No wonder your pulling has been hard to deal with. I have been feeling semi-trances recently but usually stop them for a while, only to start up again and have to snap myself out of it. Perhaps you should go to the doctor? I am scared to do it.

  3. hey sorry to hear your going through a rough patch, i go in and out of those some days im fine but when the stress starts to grow or i worry a lot trich gets the better of me. thats when i too go into trances and dont know im doing it until its too late 😦 wish i could offer some help hope things improve for you

  4. Im sorry to hear what you are going through. I have had this disorder for 15 years. In the past 5 years i have been going in the “trances” as well as biting the root off the hair. Please. contact me back via email i would love to see if we help each other. Thank you, Lynn

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