Posted by: glitterseason | June 17, 2008

waxing. never start it if you pull your hair out.

I started waxing my legs back last year. It hurt a lot and even made my legs bleed after, but it was good, much better then shaving obviously. Everything was fine and ‘normal’ with that. Then I had the idea of waxing my bikini line…it worked really well and felt really nice. But I just can’t let it grow back enough to wax again, I just keep plucking them all out. As a result I have a really disgusting rash looking thing, permanently. The hair follicles are getting infected…its red and horrible. My neck is aching from the hours I have spent plucking. I am obsessed and I can’t stop. But it feels good. But its not.

This is a complete obsession and I want to stop but I can’t…the hairs are ingrown and I cannot leave them. It is just another thing to feel ashamed about. Only this is far more embarressing.

My anxiety is higher at the moment because of work related stuff..and the people I live with have mental health difficulties. I put on a brave face for them when I have a bad day.

Just don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t stop pulling from my head. I am properly addicted and stuck and totally out of control.

Actually I feel like cutting. But its been a year since the last time.




  1. Hi I was searching about Trichotillomania, when I came across your page. It it good to realize that I am not alone. I started when I was just 9 years old. My mother’s boyfriend @ the time was abusing me, and so I started. I am now 22 years old, and still do it. I stopped for awhile then totally got so stressed, I started again. I have been wearing wigs since 2004 because my hair looks so bad- I must have damaged my hair follicles because where I pulled for several years.. the hair no longer grows. I went to the dermatology about 10 years ago and they basically told me nothing. After years of research on my own, I conclude I suffer from Trichotillomania. It is hard to overcome- you need to be careful or you too could end up with hair that no longer grows.

  2. You have a hard life, and I thought i have it hard, hehe

  3. Ouch sounds painful :/ is there any treatment you can have for it?
    If not i’d say get some good cream, germoline or something, and put it on every day it will atleast heal the skin. Then wax as little as possible but enough to stop it ingrowing.
    Thats the theory, but i know its much harder in practice. You need to keep occupied, especially your hands. Maybe get a rubix cube or similar toy/game/thing to help.
    I know you can beat this, don’t give up

  4. About a year ago I started waxing that area too and I’ve got the same red bump/in grown hair problem. When I asked ppl they just told me to exfoliate which, while it helps some, didn’t get rid of the total problem. I decided to switch to using Veet after looking at this website -> The site is really well researched and it was pretty helpful. I still have some bumps, but basically the best thing I did to lessen the bumps/redness was to exfoliate with body scrubber mitts before and after I used Veet and then Noxzema makes a “Soothe & Smoothe Refreshing Bikini Spray” which I spray on afterwards (its really cold so it feels good :P) Veet doesn’t pull the hair out by its root so you may actually still see the hairs or the tips of the hairs, the point is though if you can let most of the hairs come back while you’re using the Veet the ingrown hairs might be able to grow out enough for you to pull them out so they won’t turn into red bumps. If worse comes to worse, someone suggested going to a dermatologist so they can give you something for infected ingrown hairs (haven’t done it myself, but sounds like an option) Using Veet won’t be as exhilarating as pulling the hairs out by the root, but it should help with the ingrown hairs. There are other (more expensive) alternates that i think are listed on that site

    While I don’t pull my hair, I know how hard it is to be obsessed. It feels so good to just give in and do the little rituals, but please don’t go back to cutting, it will only hurt you more in the long run. I know most people don’t like to hear it, but talking to a therapist is really helpful. Sometimes its nice when you’re just stressed to have someone to dump on (even if you are paying them) and it really seems like with your roomies you could really use someone to dump on. On the brightside, the therapist might have some interesting ideas on how to stop or alleviate some of your hair pulling. I hope this helps 🙂

    Good luck

  5. I would highly recommend seeing a Psychologist that specailizes in hair pulling. They can give you techniques to deal with it and I also would suggest looking into medication. Both combined have proven to be extremely helpful to people. You’re not alone and there are specialists who like helping people in your situation. There is hope.

  6. doesnt it suck to have it? god i know im tired of it but i keep finding myself pulling out my hair.

  7. Ive been pulling from the back of my head since I was 13. I stopped when I went to college about 3 years then it started up again & I had to shave my head. I kept it shaved for years then my fiance begged me to grow it out for our wedding. 2 weeks after the wedding (now) I started up again. I want to shave my head to stop it but I want long hair again 😦 I pulled so much the past two days. Its not noticable yet.. I mean it is, but my hair covers it still. It just feels so good & what sucks the most about it is that after pulling ill obsessively look at the damage..I can’t stop looking at the damage in the mirror saying to myself ‘ok its a smallish bald spot & if I stop right now it can be covered up & I say ok this is the last hair. I find the last hair that feels really good & say I am done forever. Within a few hours I screw up & pull again then I have to go look to see if the damage is a lot worse or not. Im so sick of wasting my time looking at it but I can’t stop. Im such a psycho 😦

    • You’re not a psycho. I know what you mean about telling yourself you’re about to stop, and then you never do. It’s a compulsion. It doesn’t make you weird. it doesn’t make you crazy. It just makes you a person who pulls their hair out. I have trich too. Please know that you’re never alone.Ifyouwannatalk,letmeknowandillgiveyoumyemail.

  8. I LOVE pulling out hairs. I think it’s only wrong if you feel bad about it. The skin is much less sensitive on the upper left quadrant of my back. It feels like it’s almost numb. Anyways, when I use a pair of tweezers or plyers to pull out hairs, it feels so good! It is highly pleasurable. I can’t put it into words, but the nearest thing it feels like is scratching an itch. It hurts good!

  9. it is so good to know that i am not alone. i am completely obsessed with pulling out my leg hairs, i spend hours and hours with my tweezers trying to dig out the ingrown hairs, and it feels so good when it hurts and bleeds. really think i might need a shrink though. cant deal with stress any other way

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