Posted by: glitterseason | May 1, 2008

thinning hair

this week has been stressful beyond belief…mainly at work. Yesterday I worked a 13 hour day which left me tired and emotional and in the end I could not sleep properly. Today I was meant to work a 12 hour day but had to leave early…

Anyway, back on subject, my anxiety has been so high and the pulling has gone crazy this week. Literally, the left side of my head is extremely thin, which feels strange because the rest of my hair is very thick. My scalp also hurts from the amount I have pulled. This is that it really does have a calming soothing affect on me, reducing anxiety. Almost as if someone else is stroking me and trying to make me feel better. Ive tried to reduce what I am doing but just cant!

you should see the floor around my desk at work!



  1. Mental stress have more effect on hair. This is one of the reason for hair loss.


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