Posted by: glitterseason | March 24, 2008

recovery from self injury

I have been thinking recently about how to express to other people how you can ‘recover’ from self injury. I came to the conclusion that you have to accept your scars as who you are, stop feeling angry for them and see them for what they are, scars and therefore a difficult past you have survived.

I love my scars now, and wouldn’t change them for a scar-less body. Stopping hating myself for having created them has meant that I could move on. Until you can comprehend that, injuring ones self is unlikely to stop.

Below is a small photo of some of my scars from 2 years ago. I took a while to decide whether to upload this, and I am not uploading it to promote self injury or to trigger anyone. I have uploaded this to show that you should not be ashamed of your scars and you should not hate yourself for them.

Mine have long since faded to silver since this photo…and I am not proud of them, I just dont hate them anymore.

Click for a larger picture:





  1. I’m a “recovered” cutter. Hold strong. Good luck on your journey to full recovery. Stop by my blog at, feel free to contact me if you need to talk!

  2. I’m glad you recovered
    Although i haven’t cut myself for a few months but i don’t believe i will ever be recovered
    I have the strength to stop myself, i simply have no reason to

  3. you know… i have heard of recovered cutters…. but have never actually met one…. all i meet are people that used to scratch themselves to the point of bleeding….. i am in no way trying to talk down on anybody…. but i have thought i was recovered multiple times…. and have fallen back to it every single time….. and the people that “cut” for attention should feel what a real muscle cut feels like and see if they still want that attention…. if you have really recovered, gratz…. but if you are some loser that wants some attention, go rob a liquor store…. u get more of a rush, and alot more attention

  4. iam happy for you! i would like to not be ashamed because of my scars, but iam scared of what people may think about them.

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