Posted by: glitterseason | December 4, 2007

nibble nibble

I have pulled out so many hairs with big roots to nibble recently!! I have stopped taking my anti-depressants and I wonder if this has affected it in anyway….

 I am scared a follicle might get imbedded and hair will grow inside me!



  1. I’m wondering the same thing. I’ve tried 3 different kinds of anti-depressants, and none seem to be working. =[
    I fear the same idea when I nibble on the roots. >___<; meep!!!

  2. I would definitely think if you stopped the anti’s, especially during the tough time you are having right now with your friend, it is affecting you.

    I pluck when I am nervous/stressed out.

    I have just stopped my Prozac and am tapering my Topamax, so I am keeping an eye on the plucking too.

    Good luck.

    I don’t know that I have ever heard/read about a hair growing inside. 🙂
    It usually just puffs up and will be an in grown hair and then you can get it out, I wouldn’t let that add any extra stress.

  3. Do you suffer from a bordrline personality. Sounds like it. Pleae repond. I could maybe help. I”ve had it for ten years.

  4. When I read that, I thought you meant that it would grow in your stomach. That I know can’t happen. I get ingrown hairs very rarely. They just get to be sort of like a pimple and then they will go away once they push through the surface. Hair is pretty strong.

    I’m starting a blog about my pulling as well if you are interested. I’m going to put yours on my blogroll as a resource for readers, but if you want me to remove it, let me know.

  5. Stephanie:

    I have never been diagnosed with it. I work in a personality disorder hospital (I am infact a therapist with issues!) and I dont think I am borderline…

  6. Hey Stephanie and everyone else! Don’t feel bad about working in the psych hospital because I’m going to college and i’m going to be a senior next year. I am double majoring in Forensics and Psychology to work with people that have abusive pasts like I did. I have PTSD, Recovering from drug addiction and bulimia, and trying to recover from the trich but it’s not working at all! But I will be in the same boat as you in a year! 🙂 My teacher said today that most of us in the psychology or counseling fields have our own problems and want to help others like us! So that’s a good thing right! By the way, I read tonight that besides the trichobazoar there is another one trich—Something—bazoar. It has an extra word in it. The first one is just a hair ball for the people who eat the actual strands of hair. I eat the root too, and I just ate roots for 7 hours straight tonight while I was working on a term paper, so I am really worried. The second one is when you eat the roots and they mix with vegetable nutrients and substances and form a thick film all around your stomach molding and shaping to it sort of like the hairball but a hard substance just like cholesterol! I am so scared it’s a serious problem and symptoms are that you are hungry but never gain weight and are so hungry but get full really quickly, have stomach problems, nausea, constipation, acid reflux…. i have all of those! be careful girls get yourselves an endoscopy if you eat the roots a lot too! i am gonna call the doctor first thing monday!

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