Posted by: glitterseason | October 21, 2007


I hoovered my room for the 1st time in two months. Couldn’t bare to as I always clog up the hoover. This is what I pulled out:


Doesn’t really show just how much hair came off my floor.



  1. I never hoover my floor either for the same reason – that and the fact that I moult my head hair badly as well, so it’s always doubly bad.

    I always find hairs all over my clothes when I bring them out of the washing machine! I’m terrified of clogging that up one day too.


  2. The thing I hate is when you have to pull the hair out from inside the hoover… when it’s all twisted up around the roller thing… and covered in all sorts of other stuff. Yeuk. Hope you doing OK – Only just found your blog, but I read your last post…
    Take care

  3. Wow…yeah, I pull my hair all the time too; I have had this terrible problem since I was 13 or 14 & vowed to stop since then, but it never goes away. I am disgusted with myself everytime I pull, but I can’t make myself stop. My hair has thinned quite a lot since then, (I used to have beautiful long hair but have cut it since from embarassment partly aswell as experimentation). I don’t even pick it up off the floor partly out of fear of seeing the amount of hair & also because my mum parent’s vaccume regularily & insist on it :P. I have sometime’s collected some off the floor though as it fall’s on my books & cd’s by my bed if I pull in bed & it really scare’s me…I don’t want to be bald by them time I’m in my early 20’s! I’m only 19 now. I have naturally golden hair and would really love to grow it long again like it used to be, I really miss that; and luckily it can be mostly conceiled that I pull it now – but I’m worried if I keep going it won’t be a secret for long. But whole immediate family know’s about it though and are very worried. And between washing it you can notice the thinness even more, I don’t know what to do – I have OCD/have been diagnosed w/ it, but my Doctor says it’s not the exact same disorder. I don’t know how I will ever be able to stop this terrible habit before it’s too late…can somebody give me any tips who also has this if they know anything that help’s?

  4. I’m 16 years old, and I’ve been diagnosed with tricho ever since I was 5. I’ve always pulled out my eyebrows and my eyelashes. My hair is kind of a newer thing. I have a bald stop on my head and im horrible embarrased of it. I put brown eyeshadow that resembles my hair colour on it and i often tie my hair back to cover it. I find that staying occupied really prevents me from pulling out my hair, you dont get to think about it, I guess. The embarrassement is always a good motivator too though. Nobody with this disorder really wants people to see what you’ve done to yourself, i dont think. Because there is no medication or any kind of cure, I think the best way to defeat this disorder is with your own personal will-power. Good luck to everyone!


  5. This is for Liz.
    I am 19 years old as well. I used to have long, thick, beautiful chestnut brown hair, and like you, have experienced major thinning due to trich. I have cut my hair also, and I WANT MY HAIR BACK! Apparently therapy/hypnosis have been proven to help, but I would rather just try and help myself. Often, having a friend helps. Maybe we could help each other stay on track?

  6. Chantal, I used to do that same thing! Use eyeshadow that matches your hair color… But my mom was watching QVC and found this really neat thingy… Its like powder stuff that you can like… shake over your head and it makes you look like you have fuller hair. Its seriously amazing. Its called like.. Toppik or something? i think

  7. 😦 I’m tearing up. I also used to have long beautiful hair. I cut it short in an attempt to keep myself from pulling my head hair. I’ve always pulled my eyebrows and lashes, but the head hair was a new development and not a welcome one. I say that everyday. I WANT MY HAIR BACK! It’s so frustrating. No medications have worked for me. I now have depressions b/c of it, and I’m finding harder and harder to function in everyday life.

  8. I’ve pulled my hair out since I was 8 — 52 years, so I know what you’re going through. I discovered a wonderful product by the makers of “toppik” (Spencer Forrest — google them!).

    The product I use to hide bald spots is called “Couvre,” and it’s saved my life for many years. It won’t rub out like makeup, but it comes out with shampoo/soap and water. It comes in a tube and you squeeze it onto a cosmetic wedge and apply it to the bald spot and NO ONE CAN TELL! Everyone thinks I have really thick hair. You can even swim with it because it only comes out with shampoo or soap.

    Try it — you’ll love it. Also helps keep you from pulling hair out by making your fingernails the color of your hair. It’s so much better than clips, etc.

    Good luck!


  9. I’m 13, I have OCD, and this is a problem for me, haha. But my bald spots cleared mostly, just whenever my head is really itchy, I pull my hair out, causing a big bald spot.

  10. Hello, I have had trich since I was just 8 years old. It started with the eyerows and eye lashes. I grew out of it by the time i was 10. Then again at the age of 13 i began pulling from my head. It got so bad that I had to wear a hat everyday to cover it. I cut my hair and had to do this ugly comb-over every day and use a brown sharpie to color in the bald spots. It was terrably embarrasing. When I was 15 I got myself to stop doing that, I just took it on a day by day basis, telling myself I could handle not pulling my hair out for a day. I told myself that every day for two years… then i wondered to myself if it would still feel good if I pulled one. So i did…and didnt stop. Now Im 18 and i still have the condition. Its hard to stop, but im trying really hard. My suggestion to anyone who has stopped is to not EVER try it again, cause after that the urge is to ahrd to resist.

  11. I’ve been pulling since I was about fourteen. I’m so ashamed. I recently told my boyfriend and it turns out he does it too. He’s the only one I’ve ever told, and together we’re going to try to help each other get better. I’m so ashamed that I do it, yet I can’t stop. I keep saying ‘okay, tomorrow will be better, I’ll stop then.’ but did I mention I’m a horrible procrastinator? πŸ˜› I’m starting today. No more pulling. I have to do this for myself. I’m 19 and by the time I’m 20 I want to be done with this forever.
    Wish me luck!

  12. My name is Kelsey. I am 14 years old and find myself crying and embarrassed every day. My hair is not completely noticeable and can be perfectly covered up in clips and pony tails. But i find myself checking in the mirror of any noticeable spots. Last month I started pulling out my lashes a few times but got myself to stop and they are fully grown back. My only problem is pulling out my hair and I try so hard to stop but I just can’t. I haven’t even told my boyfriend of 8 months and am scared for this summer when I will be swimming with him and the water flattens down my hair and makes my scalp noticeable. I’m also scared that I have pulled so much that it won’t grow back. I want to stop so badly but I just don’t know how! I miss my old hair and get jealous every time I see someone wearing it down with no clip or hair tie or anything. please, someone help! also, how long will it take to grow back? My hairs not that bad but only a few bald patches and EXTREMELY thin. I miss my old hair and want to stop! :'[

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