Posted by: glitterseason | October 10, 2007

pull pull pull

can’t stop pulling and obsessing!!! STOP FOR FUCKS SAKE!

It has just been, yank yank yank today. I have pulled out so much hair, I am starting to despair. It is becoming increasingly obvious that this is a replacement to cutting. In some sort of way.

I have also run out of my anti-depressants and cant get a doctors appointment for two weeks, this could get interesting.




  1. I’ve read your blog. I understand you. I pull my hair too. I fucking hate it…I’m an addict.
    The way you described the two yous – I get it.
    Just wanted to let you know that “there are others like you”…


  2. thank you xx

  3. I am a nursing student and studying trichotillomania for my psychology paper, can you provide any feed back, I need to produce a case study and write a paper, of couse all confidential…
    thanks if you can help

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