Posted by: glitterseason | August 20, 2007

more on the obsession dot dot dot…

I can’t seem to stop stroking my hair, feeling my scalp. My hand is always in my hair. I don’t think I have pulled today, my stresses are lower at the moment and I am generally in a good mood!!

I know I pulled a bit yesterday, but not much.

Good Moods

It is not often I am in a good mood. But the past couple of days I have felt my energy rising and there is an excitement in my belly. When I feel like this I want to do everything I can; write a book, paint the best paintings in the world, run, scream and fall in love. In-fact when I am like this, I fall in love with everyone.

Back in April I had a bit of this ‘good mood’ and fancied everyone, I got myself a boyfriend, jumped into bed with him as soon as possible. Then my mood plummeted and I stopped being interested in anything!

I do wish I was more balanced, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying kissing a nice boy yesterday…


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