Posted by: glitterseason | August 20, 2007


A ‘snails trail’ is a line of hair on the stomach. Some peoples’ goes from the pubic hair up to the navel, but in others it goes further.

Anyway, I have a lot of blonde hair below my navel. I stretched out today and my brother saw my stomach, and then told me I looked disgusting. This is a symptom of PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and there is nothing I can do about it.

I have a real problem with this area as I use tweezers to pull out the hairs, only I am obsessed with it. I will dig holes to get them out, it has been known for me to have little trails of blood running down my stomach…and I will carry on digging until I can get it out. This has left me with some mild scaring. It often looks like I have little spots, which I hate and usually keep well covered. I wish I didn’t have to as I have a nice flat stomach.

 Fu<k you trichotillomania.

 (angry mood)



  1. Hi there.
    I just happened upon your site as I happened upon another forum about Trich. I posted there and I found a link to your blog here.

    I never expected to find anyone else that plucked their hair, I only do my legs and one other very painful area, sadly enough have for about 15 yrs. IKES! as I even type that, I am 34 now.

    Anyway, what intrigued me about your story as I read is that you have PCOS. I don’t know a ton about it, but I do know it is a hormonal female problem, I just don’t know how it effects your Seratonin levels and such.

    I have PMDD, I have a blog at and PMDD, just in case u don’t know, is a female disorder as well. It does effect your seratonin levels, jacks with all your female hormone well-being to put it bluntly.

    It made me curious to know if there was some sort of connection there. Have u heard/read of other Women that seem to have both types of disorders/issues, I would curious to do more looking into this.

    If you check into my story, I am on Prozac (30 mg) and Topamax (50 mg) for Cyclomythia and my PMDD.

    I hope to chat with you and read more.

  2. Hey! I have heard of PMDD…infact I have in the past wondered if I had it…but now I barely ever have periods (3 a year mostly) so I don’t ever know if I have PMDD or not!!!!

    It is interesting, purhaps there is a connection between female hormonal problems and trich?

    You can always email me if you would like to talk more! x

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