Posted by: glitterseason | August 18, 2007

The importance of HAIR

Hair is almost like a social status. It means so much to people, both men and women, and also children. It is societies expectation that you will have a head of hair! It is a statement about yourself, how you have your hair. Some people spend £100’s in salons and on products etc. It makes the individual feel good, more confident. Then there is the new ‘WAG’ culture at the moment, women showing off their money, pampering themselves. Other people dye their hair crazy colours, after all it shows you identity. We all recognise punk and emo hairstyles after all.

So when an individual looses their hair, they loose their identity. People stare at bald women. We shouldn’t but we do. Balding men are more acceptable by society but it’s still a loss to that man. A sign they are getting old…limiting future hairstyles too. After all, there are the metrosexuals!

We all remember Britney Spears shocking the world by shaving her hair off. There have been many people who have shaved their hair as a statement, showing they are not well. A ‘breakdown’ clinically known as depression or some form of mental illness.

To be bald women does make a statement of illness. After all, we know when we see  cancer patients, there is often the terrible results of chemotherapy causing hairloss. Some say it is the most distressing part of the treatment, loosing all hair. Then there are people with alopecia, where in somecases people loose all body hair and it doesn’t grow back. It’s hugely distressing.


Through trichotillomania, I had a bald spot as a 13 year old girl. I feel gulity for complaining about it as afterall, I DID IT. But it felt totally out of control. I had no control. I didn’t want a bald spot, but I had one through my own fault.

How this impacted on me

At the age of 13 I was growing up with peer pressure to look good and to fit in. I couldn’t. I couldn’t go to the hairdressers through shame, especially when it started growing back. I was confined to wearing my hair in a ponytail, the only way I could hide it. I couldn’t express myself in the way I wanted to. When people saw the bit of hair growing back, they would laugh and make fun of it. I felt so upset about it all, and was feeling increasingly depressed. My self injury (cutting) was increasing and I was becoming withdrawn. I didn’t know other people did this, I had no idea it was a clinical diagnosis, as far as I was concerned, I was a FREAK.

 Still, I am no longer pulling from one place and am now enjoying having a hairstyle I like! This has meant I have gradually built up a social life, become more confident and much more accepting of my appearance.



  1. omg im doing a project on this and this hits everything i wantd to discuss. like exactly. i totally agree

    • what kind of project? x

  2. […] is a unique symbol of social status and personality.  It has been a focal point in many religions, especially womens’ hair; […]

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