Posted by: glitterseason | August 15, 2007

Hair Stubble??

I have just washed my hair, feels all lovely and therefore cannot stop touching it! But when I run my fingers over my scalp, I can feel a sort of stubble in my hair. I  am guessing that is the regrowth? Usually though, stubble comes about through shaving…hmm.

Any other people with trichotillomania experience this? or does everyone have this?



  1. i get this too! its just the hair beginning to come back through…but i am so scared now because i have all this fuzzy hair growing back in and am afraid that it is completely damaged, but i cant tell yet because its still pretty short right now just growing back….

  2. aww thank you for saying I rock :D!
    *hugs and strength for you*

  3. Oh, thank (insert deity here) i found you.

    I get those too, in fact i was just feeling them a second ago…it feels like there are tiny spiky hairs amongst my taller ones, im never sure if its regrowth because when i inspect it in the mirror i can’t really tell!

    Anyways good luck and I love your site. Nobody knows (besides my parents) about my problem.

    ❤ x x x x

  4. When my eyelashes come in, it looks and feels like stubble. Not fun when it’s on your eyelid. However, once it gets through the skin, it’s not stubbly anymore.

    On my beard, it comes back as stubble, which is probably why half of the hair that comes back in after a major pulling episode is ingrown.

  5. HI this is my first time 2 ever attempt help on this hair pulling shit. I’ve been a hair puller now for 22years now I am 34 and dont know where to turn. I know this is psychological mind over matter but matter gets 2 me first when worried. Only like 5 people have only known 4 i have been 2 emberassed 2 tell or yet show.
    Yes everytime i do wash and condition my hair, when i do dry it and put it back up in a bun it right away feels dirty again and ithcy scalp.
    I have been 2 a doctor few years back and they gave me these pills that i flushed down the toilet, for i dont like pills my throat closed up everytime.
    since i have never seeked help and i do need to work on mind control, but it seems hard at times.
    I have 3 major bald spots one on each side of my head and one on the top back those r my 3 pulling spots and now they r getting so big they r noticalbe now like the size of a tennis ball……someone please help. If i can stop on my own with the help of prayer 2 the creator let it b so pleas i do cry over this situation for i cant not go swimming anymore and which i love to do. I cant where my hair down. I cant not do several things that i wish to do again…i need to know what product can i use that is the best for hair growning besides nixon although that is a good shampoo for cancer patients that lose therer hair is there somthing else out there…..

    • Dear Lela, You are not alone! This is my 32nd year of trichotillomania. I started when I was 10 years old I am now approaching my 42nd birthday.I only started to get help last year!!! I am now in therapy (art psychotherapy) and am finding that this does help, albeit VERY slowly. I have found that what does help me is to talk about it, and often. For myself I have found that this is very beneficial.Truthfully I have found that I have lost some “friends” along the way but those that have stuck by me are worth their weight in gold. It was incredibly difficult for me to start talking about it because the very act of doing so required me to be absolutely honest with myself, and as you are probably painfully aware trichotillomania has strong ties to deep secrecy which I now believe only serves to exacerbate the condition. Talking about it has not cured me, but has lessened my pulling sessions. I was pulling every single day and now I can go for 4 – 7 days pull free at a time. Talking about trichotillomania has helped me to accept that I do not have to be so very hard on myself after a session, and this helps my recovery untill the next session which in turn improves the quality of my life. Please do not feel that you are alone, you can e- mail me anytime, believe me I have been “there” in the horrid depths of lonliness that the secrecy of trichotillomania brings with it.
      Take care and be kind to yourself Lela,
      Sending you lots of hugs and courage,
      Bunny 🙂 xx

  6. hi bunny & lela,
    i too have trich. I am 26 and i have been pulling since i was around 5 yrs old. i pull everyday, and like u lela, i have bald patches on either side of my head, and at my crown, and on top, so it is ridiculously difficult to cover up. I find that if i look in mirrors i can stand there pulling for up to an hour. I hate it, and im sick of not being able to style my hair. Im going to really try AGAIN, to be “good” . pray for me ha!

  7. I experience it all the time

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