Posted by: glitterseason | August 12, 2007

hello welcome!

I am beginning a real blog. I have ‘blogged’ for years, well since 2002 but this is my first anonymous blog. I will be known as GlitterSeason for now, but as I get braver, I may reveal myself!

I have struggled with pulling out my hair for over 10 years. Now I am ready to battle my way out of this disorder! For me, I compare the urge to pull with the sort of urges that make you bite your nails. You just keep finding yourself doing it and it becomes a habit. It is hard to just ‘stop’ . It seems simple, just stop doing it! But its not, many people will understand how hard it is to stop biting nails, cut down on what you are eating etc etc

 Anyway, that is my little introduction. No idea if I am talking to myself or anyone else out there!




  1. Hi, you’ve explained the pulling and after pulling sensation just right.
    It can’t be ‘just stopped’, I wish it were that easy. I pulled for 27+ years and remained during that time in total ignorance of just how a compelling disorder it is.
    Now a days it really is easier to source information on it.
    Wishing you all the best on your journey to finding ways to help you over this disorder.

  2. thank you so much xxx

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